Portfolio Reporting for your Clients

Your clients can view their entire investment portfolio, as an aggregated top-level view, broken down by individual investment, or even by share class.

Performance metrics are displayed in a visually rich, user-friendly interface that is seamlessly presented within the Delio infrastructure in a currency of their choice. Clients can add their own off-platform investments to get a holistic view of their investment position. They can choose to share these external investments with internal users of the platform or keep them private. Portfolio Reporting is built on the same white label, configurable infrastructure as the Delio platform and therefore branded to your organisation.

Portfolio Reporting for your Institution

Your reporting processes are consolidated in an easy to use and flexible interface. Define the capital structure of each investment, update with asset-class specific transactions, and assign documentation to investors.

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Reflect investor holdings and allocations in both direct investments and funds by share class and in any choice of currency. Update investments with asset-class specific transactions, including valuations, further investments, disposals, capital calls, distributions, tax relief and any custom KPIs required. The platform will display the data for each of your individual users, across multiple investments. Configure your view to drill down by individual investor, deal, or share class to get a consolidated view of your client, institutional and proprietary positions. Upload documents, from annual reports to share certificates, and assign to specific investors and connected institutions for them to access whenever they wish. We also work with institutions to migrate existing reporting data to the Delio infrastructure to centralise and consolidate your portfolio view.


Portfolio Reporting Features

✔ Centralised and aggregated view of all private asset investments, broken down by investor, by deal or by share class
✔ White label platform branded to your organisation
✔ Ability to accurately show fund holdings and allocations, including cash
✔ Choice of reporting currency
✔ Record tax relief by investor and per deal
✔ Existing transactions can be migrated
✔ Off-platform investments can be included
✔ Reflect capital investments, redemptions and interest for debt transactions
✔ Reflect investments, disposals and dividends for equity transactions
✔ Easy to update and configured immedately
✔ Document upload with the ability to share with specified clients and institutions
✔ Metrics displayed in a visually rich interface to engage clients
✔ Add custom KPIs


OSTC is one of the leading proprietary trading companies globally, specialising in electronic trading of futures in all major asset classes, now partnered with Delio to expand its business into private assets and investments.

Finally! A reporting tool that is flexible to our needs - it saves us time, engages our clients and includes every metric we want to share - thanks Delio!