Giving your clients the best experience

Giving your clients and stakeholders the best experience

Manage holdings across family members and vehicles
Use multiple profiles and accounts to help give both a personalised and aggregated view across the family, including controlled permissions.

Aggregate deal flow
Review all of your deal flow in one simple place and in standardised formats based on how you want to operate. Invite third parties to make their submissions as well as pull deal flow from Delio’s proprietary networks of top tier institutions.

Syndicate with other family offices
Manage the syndication process in a seamless digital manner when co-operating with existing trusted partners or building new relationships. Fine grained control and deeply embedded security preserves the confidentiality of your syndication process.

Giving you control and efficiency

Giving you control and efficiency

Deal Review Tools
Streamline the way you analyse and review deals. Build automated workflow tools to filter opportunities and focus on the most relevant opportunities.

Simplify transactions
Drive efficiency and consolidate record keeping with digitised document execution, investor preferences, and pipeline management.

Insightful analytics on your portfolio
Keep track of portfolio holdings, their metrics, subsequent funding rounds and all your investment documentation with an easy to use reporting toolkit and flexible portfolio monitoring functionality.

Consolidate reporting
Integrate your private asset reporting toolkit in to broader solutions to give holistic consolidated reporting.

Giving you the Delio touch

Giving you the Delio touch

Access ongoing support and training
We pride ourselves on building strong and supportive relationships through our industry leading support service.

Leverage our in house experts
With extensive knowledge of global financial institutions. Delio goes beyond technology, offering consultancy and project management.

Account management
Because your Delio platform is bespoke to you, you'll have a designated account manager on hand, ensuring you understand the platform and reap all its benefits.

Agile and flexible
Your platform can be configured your way, mirroring your in-house workflows and developing as you need it to.